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Saturdays are for tiny things.
Fresh off #vasilievablog. Midday. Wearing florals yet for another day.
Carrots, goji berries and chia 4pm kind of thing
#happytime #milktime
The rest of that story in colour is coming up tomorrow on #vasilievablog #flowerpower
#flowerpower take 2
#heatwave Can you still see my #sophiebillebrahe pearl earring?
So here is what’s new. Alex Wang cut out Monk Oxfords. I loved you before I met you.
My good old #jérômedreyfuss python Twee bag is back in rotation. I was almost on the verge of selling it a couple of times, which would have been a major disappointment right at this moment.
#sophiebillebrahe pearl + some basic mid knuckle randomness.